Lazarus laid to rest...

Game Over

Tombstones -- and then Lazarus -- won a war, helping to keep a vital project alive.

Evil eBay ROM sellers are no more, thanks to our free burners. We beat greed -- which is a rare thing indeed.

Its purpose served, it is time to retire at a time where its relevance has now passed: FTP servers and torrent sites have succeeded these volunteers. MAME has continued to grow, with no sign of declining.

To burners: thank you all for your time and efforts. Thank you greatly for participating in the aim to spread ROMsets far and wide. Your selflessness helped stamp out those who profiteered from MAME for their selfish aims. You gave so much and expected so little.

To MAMEdevs: we were happy to do our little bit to support your fantastic work. You lot rock so hard it hurts; you have made many senior gamer weep with nostalgia, and bought a wonderful world of yesteryear to a younger audience that would have missed out that grand heritage modern games - legacy, etc.

To everyone we helped to rediscover the golden age of gaming: thanks for trusting us, and long may you continue to game.

For Lazarus, it's Game Over. We enjoyed the play, but now we must away.

For you - insert another coin and continue playing.